· “It’s BOOT CAMP for adoptive parents!”

· "The parenting sessions were fantastic! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I will recommend this series to other adoptive families."

· "I loved these sessions and the smaller group atmosphere. I feel very connected to the 40 participants and hope to see more of them once we are all parents."

· "The Children's Bridge staff made these sessions educational and fun. Thank you!"

· "Wow! I am much better prepared. This course is a must for all families."

· “The AdopTALK series was excellent, well-researched information and practical tips. We now better understand the vital role we can and must play in our adopted daughter’s transition and development.”

· “We felt that it was really worthwhile, especially since we are new parents. There were a number of times in China that we recalled and appreciated the pearls of wisdom learned in the workshops.”