Coming Home
  The “Coming Home” workshop will provide couples/singles with strategies to transition into parenthood. After attending the workshop, the participants will learn how to meet their child’s physical and emotional needs. Also, participants will discover the importance of establishing a support system for themselves through this transition period.

  Health Matters
The “Health Matters” workshop will provide support and guidelines for families with infants, toddlers and preschool children. The goal of the workshop is to create awareness around the various health issues that our children will face when adopted internationally and provide resources and support for those families who need help.

Bonding and Attachment
“Bonding and Attachment” will provide pre-adoption support for families preparing to create their family through adoption. After attending the workshop the participants may become more aware of the issues around attachment, bonding and separation anxiety.
“Make the Connection” methodology will also be used in this workshop.

Transracial Issues in Adoptive Families
The “Interracial Issues in Adoptive Families” workshop will provide support and strategies for families with children adopted from a different racial background. After attending the workshop, the participants will become more aware of the greater identity challenges their children will face and will be given effective strategies to assist their children with this special challenge.

Talking to Your Child About Adoption
The “Talking to Your Child About Adoption” workshop will provide participants with the tools and resources to support their child throughout the ages and stages of development. As well, the participants will learn the importance of networking within the adoption community and accessing post adoption services.

Journey of a Lifetime - Trip Preparation
In the "Journey of a Lifetime - Trip Preparation" workshop, prospective adoptive parents will learn about the referral process, and will also be provided with practical tips for their adoption travel journey.