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While building families is an honorable undertaking, Children's Bridge is mindful of an even more venerable responsibility. It is to assist those children left on the fringes, those who might never find their forever family. To "give back" is to give these children hope, support, and a future.

The Children's Bridge Foundation is a volunteer-based charitable organization that provides educational and developmental programs for school-aged orphans in developing countries. It is a non-governmental organization, and has no religious or political affiliation. It was incorporated in 2003 by a group of adoptive families who expressed a passionate desire to help orphaned and abandoned children in the countries where Children's Bridge International Adoption Consultants has adoption programs.

The Foundation provides training, education, and medical support for orphans and deprived children to enable them to become self sufficient as adults. The Foundation typically assists with the following:

  • food, clothing, foster care programs;
  • school fees, school supplies, vocational training;
  • orphanage equipment including computers, books, libraries, musical and playground equipment, and electronic language training equipment; medicine, medical equipment, surgeries, medical fees, and rehabilitation programs.

For more information about current programs and projects, please visit the CBF website at www.cbfoundation.com.