The Children's Bridge currently offers 10 adoption programs from 9 countries...

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HIV+ Kids Adoption Program
The Children’s Bridge HIV+ Kids adoption program supports Canadian families who are considering, in the process of, or who have already adopted children living with HIV.

U.S.A. / Florida Adoption Program
Please note: The USA program currently has open spaces.
As ASC can only accept a small number of applications from Canadian families, only applications from childless couples and those experiencing infertility and secondary infertility due to medical reasons will now be accepted. Applications will also be considered from families that have adopted from ASC in the past or that have one other adopted child in the home.

U.S.A. / Florida Adoption Program
Advocates for Children and Families

Please note: The Children’s Bridge is now working with a second adoption agency, Advocates for Children and Families, based in Florida, USA. We are now accepting files for this adoption program. This program will be open to same-sex couples, as well as single women. Due to the limited options available for same-sex families and single applicants, priority will be given to these applicants.

South Korea
This program is only open to residents of Ontario. We have open spaces in our South Korea Program, please contact Maria Fulford for more information.

There are currently spaces open in the mainstream and waiting children programs. Please contact Darlene Catton for more information.

This program is open to singles and/or couples (non-Indian applicants as well as those of Indian descent). Families can choose between applying to the mainstream program, or the program for waiting children with special needs. Flexibility is a must for any applicant applying to this adoption program.

China - Waiting Children Program
Last revised April 2017
This program has been in operation since 2005 when The Children’s Bridge received a licence from the CCAA (now known as the CCCWA) to operate a Waiting Children Program. The Children’s Bridge has successfully place over 400 children with their forever families.

China - Expedited
This program and has been in operation since 1991. Children's Bridge has successfully completed over 2500 adoptions from China.

As of June 18, 2012, The Children’s Bridge will no longer be accepting applications for the expedited China program due to the long timelines. This does not affect families currently working on their dossier.

Republic of Zambia

  Download The Children's Bridge 2017 Information Package PDF file

  Countries at at Glance Summary PDF file

  Post Adoption Consultation Service

  • The Children’s Bridge is pleased to offer our Post Adoption Consultation service for adoptive families which includes: scheduled telephone/skype call, email correspondence and identification of resources specific to the needs of the family, child or youth or the country the child has been adopted from.

    The fee for consultation is $75.00 CDN per hour.

    Please note, this fee is not charged for our initial 6 months post adoption follow-up calls when Children’s Bridge families are first home from country with their child.

    To book a Post Adoption Consultation, please contact Karyn Bakelaar, Darlene Catton , or Cathy Murphy.